Slope - 2Std. Ski & Buffet

at 17.01.2022

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Online Promotion

  • limited offer
  • 2h ticket
  • 2h Gipfelbuffet
  • Buffet available from 6.00 pm - 9:00 pm

Good to know:

  • Access only with 2G+ (Fully vaccinated and recovered persons who also have a negative test result "rapid test max. 24 hours old, PCR test max. 48 hours old".
  • With an online ticket you don't have to wait at the cash desk and you have direct access to the slopes

  • The booked time slot is reserved for you
  • Your fun on the slopes starts at the booked time. In the event of a delay, the time will not be taken into account
  • If you exceed the booked time, you will pay the difference to the next higher ticket
  • Tickets can no longer be canceled or rebooked
  • Please check the opening hours